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Cocktail Sugars and Margarita Salts

We entered the market with a small line of cocktail sugars and margarita salts that grew quickly. These garnishes gave cocktail connoisseurs a much-needed alternative in the land of lemon and orange wheels. Over the years we’ve discovered countless ways to use these blends to accent drinks with flavor and flair. Shop sugars and salts

Infusion Kits

rokz infusion kits provide a simple and savvy way to take your cocktail to the next level. Each can be matched with a range of spirits –  whether you are a vodka, rum, whiskey, wine or even a lemonade drinker, we have a blend for you.  We take botanical elements, fruits and spices to create classic and sometimes unexpected flavor combinations that work well with a variety of cocktails and mocktails. The package is as much a part of the products as the ingredients – our bottle and pourer system allow the elements to infuse and remain in the bottle while serving or act as a strainer once the flavor reaches your liking. Each infusion bottle comes with recipes designed to make simple—outstanding cocktails. Shop Infusions